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Digging Deeper- BETTER: September 26, 2022

Statistics are showing that 70% of pastors wrestle with depression and burnout with up to 38% of pastors being burned out to the point of looking for a chance to leave the ministry and never come back. Unfortunately, burnout often leads to great temptation and sin. This week’s Digging Deeper looks at who to trust when your pastors fail you.

READ: Hebrews 13:17; 2 Peter 2:4; James 1:3

Being a pastor is a high calling, but not to be taken lightly. Why is that? What happens when a pastor teaches other than the ‘gospel truth’? Why is a teacher of the Word more accountable? The failure to speak wisely will cause some to stumble. But sometimes it is not even the words, it is the actions that are a failure. Today pray for your pastors and teachers that they will be wise and Biblical in their teaching.

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