Digging Deeper: March 22, 2021

Read Nehemiah 1. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. They can be politicians, at church, or your boss at work. Leaders are chosen for good reasons and bad reasons. But what if God chooses them? Why did God choose Nehemiah? What are marks of a good leader chosen by God according to this passage? What was Nehemiah like before he heard about the condition of the walls? What was he like after hearing about the walls? Think about what it means that he wept; that he mourned; that he fasted; that he prayed. How was God involved? (vs. 5-6). What did he admit to God (vs. 7) What did Nehemiah request? (vs.8 -11). What saddened you to the place that you are mourning? According to Nehemiah, what should you do? What are you choosing to do about it?

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