Digging Deeper: March 31, 2021

(Read 1 Kings 1:28-40)

Adonijah was another of David’s princely sons. In 1 Kings 1:5 what did he do when David was very old? Is it appropriate to declare yourself as the leader? Why or why not? Who supported him? Who did not? (vs. 7-8). Who warned Bathsheba, mother of Solomon? Why should she have been worried? Was it David’s intention to place Adonijah on the throne? In 1 Kings 1:28-40 David is old and dying. How did he and his trusted advisors insure the succession to the throne? (vs. 33,38). What does it mean to you that God has a plan about leadership and it does not just happen by hook or by crook? Today, pray for those in leadership that they will follow God.

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