Growing in Christ- Digging Deeper: December 20, 2021

Angels bursting through the portal doors of heaven to bring messages from God to us?Could such a thing actually happen? Digging deeper looks at the mysterious connection between God and humanity through His worshipping messengers – the angels.

Read: Luke 1:5-25, 39-45, 57-80

The story of Elizabeth and Zechariah is really where the story of the coming of Immanuel begins. Who was Zechariah? What was unique about this couple during this time of darkness and sin in history? What was the problem for which they were praying? Considering that there were probably many who were praying for the same thing, why would God send an angel to break into their lives? Where did this happen? Does God only answer our prayers at church? What was the message that was delivered? What was God’s purpose for this child that Elizabeth and Zechariah would have? Why did Gabriel proclaim judgment on Zechariah in vs. 20? How was this confirmed to Elizabeth six months into her pregnancy? What did the Holy Spirit give her as a prophecy? What did God do for Zechariah when the child was born and he named him John? What did the Holy Spirit give to him to prophesy? What do these prophecies mean? Today, thank God for His perfect plan – perfect even to the preparation that Elizabeth’s child, John the Baptizer would accomplish.

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