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Hanoverdale Discipleship School
Every Thursday at 7:00 PM
Check out past video lessons and the link to our zoom meeting at the bottom of this page!

Every believer needs to be a disciple. But do you know how to be a disciple-maker?  Join Pastor Pete as he teaches lessons in the new Hanoverdale School of Discipleship. There will be five different courses taught over the next few years that anyone can participate in that will help you know how to be, and then make disciples. Check out the full curriculum schedule for the coming years HERE.

The first course is a survey in basic Christianity. We will be looking at what scripture says about our faith and how that impacts being and making disciples.


Areas of study include:

  • The Word is Truth

  • Who is God

  • Understanding Man

  • The Problem of Sin

  • Considering Eternity

  • Jesus the Messiah

  • TheMeaning of the Cross

  • What is a Spiritual Birth 

  • God’s Amazing Grace 

  • Assurance of  Salvation

  • Living the New Life

Check out the syllabus for our current course and a list of vocabulary terms HERE.

Meeting ID: 899 5307 3106

Password: jesus

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