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READ: Deuteronomy 11:18-21; 2 Timothy 3:16-17

What are we supposed to do with the Words of God? Who should we teach, even if we are not a teacher in a classroom? Where should we teach? Why? What is promised if we are faithful in this? What is the best resource for a teacher in Church? Why should we study the Bible? How does the Bible complete a person to be useful to the Lord? Commit anew to studying the Bible. Then watch how He changes you into the leader God means for you to be over your family and in the Church.

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READ: James 3:1-2 Titus 2:7-8

Why are there so few teachers in churches? What is said about a teacher of the Word? Why are they judged more strictly by God? Should that scare a person away from being a teacher? Why or why not? What will keep a person on the ‘up and up’ as a teacher? Why can a naysayer say nothing bad in light of this passage in Titus? Let God lead you to faith and good works if He leads you to teach others.

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READ: Matthew 7:15; Matthew 10:32-33; Romans 16:17-20; Acts 20:28-30

One of the main teachings in the Bible is to beware of false teaching. Why do you suppose the Bible speaks so strongly about that? What did Jesus call them? What does Jesus call the Christians? Why is that such a dangerous situation to have false teaching? What should you look out for regarding false teachers? If someone says that Christ is not God what will your response be?

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