Serving God when it is hard or unappreciated by others is very difficult. This week we will dig deeper into faithful commitment to the Lord when persecution and mocking follows. When do we call it quits?

Acts 17:5-15; 21:28-29

Why did these Jews react so strongly to Paul’s teaching? What were they afraid of with Paul? What were they hoping to accomplish by discrediting Paul? What should our response be when we hear a bad report about someone who is serving Christ? Today pray for a Christian leader. Know that you are strengthening them by praying for them.

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Joshua 1:9

God commands us to be what? When you are afraid, how can you be less frightened? Where is God when you are dismayed? Where can you go that is outside of His care for you? Today thank God for that truth. With God’s powerful hand, you have this! Do not be afraid.

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2 Corinthians 12:10

Paul was one who suffered greatly for his faith. From where did he find consolation and strength? Today find your strength in the midst of your weakness in prayerful grace. God is able to help you. Thank Him ahead of time for His sufficient grace.

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