Scripture says in Matthew 6, “But seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be given to you as well”. Take a serious look inside your heart today. What has been stopping you from seeking and serving God? What are you worried will happen if you do? The challenge for today: get past your fear of commitment and ask God to supply everything you need to serve Him.

Many times, it is the fear of the unknown that sets us to worrying. What if things get worse?  What if life gets out of control? What if God does not come through the way I want Him to? Do not forget that we have a God who is never out of control. He is confident and all-powerful, and He is interested in you. Matthew 6 says that if God feeds the sparrow until full, and clothes the lilies in the field with clothes surpassing that of King Solomon, He will take care of you as well. Give your needs to the Lord in prayer and watch how He answers in ways that are nourishing and abundant.

Between the ongoing pandemic, with fear of new infections, opening up business while COVID-19 is still around, the potential for economic devastation, the broken relations between various races, and anarchists trying to bring division and destruction, there is a lot to worry about.  In the midst of it all, God says, “Do not be overly anxious” (Matthew 6:25). We have a God who knows every need we have and will meet those needs as we seek the Lord and serve His Kingdom.


We're a church located in Hummelstown PA. Hanoverdale Church was established in 1860, and we've been serving the Lord ever since! We hope you'll join us and learn that Life Change truly does Happen Here!


Sunday Service Times:

Traditional- 8:30 AM

Casual- 10:15 AM




577 Hershey Road

Hummelstown, PA 17036

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