What do you do when you see a fellow believer in Christ who is out of line spiritually; someone walking away from what the Bible teaches?

The last verses of James (5:19-20) encourage us to bless the person by guiding them back to right living and thinking. We are not called to condemn them. We are called to help them return to the truth and walk the path toward God. It is easy to condemn someone who is leaving God and His grace. But we are called to forgive a multitude of sins. Today, bless someone by forgiving them and encouraging them to walk with the Lord.

Have you ever seen a miraculous healing? Though it's hard to believe: sickness and healing are not about us. If God chooses to heal us, it is for His glory. And it is also for God's glory when He withholds His healing hand. Don't demand God to act in the way that seems best to you. Open your hands to the Lord and ask Him to do what is best for His glory as you pray for that situation of sickness. Today, call on someone you know is sick and pray for them, asking Jesus the Great Physician to be glorified in His help for them.

Our lives are full of frustrations and hardships. How we choose to deal with these troubles speaks volumes about our faith. Rather than yell out kicking and screaming when life does not turn your way, turn to prayer. Prayer unleashes God's power to change you and mature your faith. Through prayer, suffering becomes a means to maturity. Today, instead of yelling at God or others about how unfair your life is, thank God for His maturing process while you are struggling.


We're a church located in Hummelstown PA. Hanoverdale Church was established in 1860, and we've been serving the Lord ever since! We hope you'll join us and learn that Life Change truly does Happen Here!


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