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Choose Your Kingdom Week 1: Midweek Miracle

Imagine getting a new job and immediately, the first day, as you are just getting started, you are given an opportunity to cheat the company. You are told it will be very lucrative to do so. What will you do? That is what happened with Jesus. Just as He is starting His ministry, after He is baptized, He is told by the tempter that if only He would bend His knee to the devil, He would be handed the world on a platter. People would fall all over Him and serve Him. The only catch... He would have to bow before the devil. Thank God that He resisted the temptation with scripture. When Jesus came from His wilderness temptation, He began the task of establishing His Kingdom that has not ended to this day. Thank God that He has set an example for us of using Scripture to fend off the tempter's snare.

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