Digging Deeper: March 24, 2021

Read Nehemiah 2:11-20. Understand that no one was expecting Nehemiah in Jerusalem. No one was even thinking about rebuilding the wall around the city. They were complacent in their dysfunction living in squalor. Given this, why do you think Nehemiah inspected the rubble of the city walls at night, virtually alone? (vs. 11-16). Just how bad was it? What did he say to them when he did meet with them? (vs. 17). The Bible says, “where there is no vision people will perish.” What was the new vision? Why was that an encouragement to them? What was their response? (vs. 18-20). What is the rubble in your life? What do you sense God may be saying to do with that which is rubble in your life? Today, go ahead and step out. Begin to repair what is broken in your life. Maybe it is a relationship, or a credit score, or your personal life. Begin a new good work.

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