Digging Deeper: March 26, 2021

Read Nehemiah 2:19; 4:1-23; 6:1-4; Ephesians 6. Who are Sanballat and Tobiah? Why were they angry with Nehemiah? What would they lose if he was successful? What was their tactic? How did Nehemiah respond to the ridicule of these outsiders? What does vs. 10-12 say about opposition from insiders within the city of Jerusalem? What was Nehemiah’s response to the workers who were discouraged and afraid? (vs. 13-14). Why did he tell them not to be afraid of the enemy? They did not ignore the threat. But they did not pursue the enemy. What did they do (vs. 13-23). Today, as people of peace, we do not pick up arms. But the Bible says to put on your spiritual armor (Ephesians 6). Why should you put on spiritual armor? Who is our enemy if we are to put on spiritual armor rather than physical armor? The people did not pursue their physical enemy. And neither should we. We should be prepared to ward off the spiritual enemy. In your life today examine who you are considering to be the enemy. Remember, we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Who is our enemy? (Ephesians 6:12-13). Ask God to strengthen your hand and your heart when you feel intimidated or attacked. Stay focussed on the job God has for you to do.

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