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Faith at Work Week 4: End of Week Refreshment

This week's passage mentioned Rahab as being righteous in the eyes of God. What's that you say? "How can that be? After all, Rahab was a prostitute. A righteous prostitute?" I really like this passage. It gives me hope since I am far from being perfect. We can be refreshed that God does not demand perfection before God considers us righteous. Yes, she was a prostitute, but she came to faith and her faith produced proper works. She escaped the fall of Jericho, where she lived, because she helped Hebrew spies by telling a lie.

Hebrews 11:31 calls her a woman of faith- a true believer. Matthew 1 says that she was the mother of Salmon, the grandmother of Boaz, the great grandmother of Jesse, who was the father of King David. This puts her in the lineage of Jesus! God is a friend of sinners. Thank God, He wants to take you just as you are and help you grow to be more and more like Christ!

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