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GO- Digging Deeper: February 21, 2022

Many Christians are glad that they are forgiven and in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. But too many don’t really pay attention to what it means to be planted with Christ and growing healthy and strong, where the roots grow down deep and there is much healthy fruit. Digging Deeper this week will look at what it means to live for the Lord.

Read: Micah 6:8; Hosea 12:6; Proverbs 24:24-25; Exodus 34:6-7

What is the main teaching found in Micah 6? What does the Lord consider to be good in a person’s life? What does it mean to you to act justly according to Proverbs 24? What does it mean to you to love mercy according to Exodus 34? How do you walk humbly with your God? Are you intentionally spending time just to walk with God? Choose today to spend time with the Lord, not with a laundry list of requests. Just be quiet and be…in His presence. You may be amazed how He gives you ideas for compassion and mercy.

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