GO- Digging Deeper: February 5

Read: Revelation 4:1-4; Revelation 19: 11,14; Psalm 47:8; Matthew 19:28

This first passage in Revelation talks about 24 elders, all surrounding the throne of God in heaven. The second passage talks about the army of saints coming out of heaven. In both cases, the people referred to are clothed in white. Who in the Bible wear white robes of righteousness? Why are we made righteous? The symbolism of 24 elders is a picture of the completed church – anyone who will ever come to faith. The idea of 24 in the Bible refers to completion. Who will be there? Who is on the throne in 4:2? Who sits on thrones in heaven according to Matthew 19? Looking at all of scripture, the 24 elders sitting on thrones represent the completed Body of believers, all of whom have been washed clean by the blood of Christ.

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