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GO- Digging Deeper: January 24

Holy Spirit baptism and water baptism are two separate events. Water baptism occurs after the baptism of the Holy Spirit as an outward expression of what has happened in a person’s soul. So what is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Read: Acts 19:1-7

We think of Ephesus as a stronghold for Christ but what dis Paul find when he first went there? What did he ask them? What was their response? Understand that this was the very beginning of the Church age and people were still figuring out the difference between what had been true in the Old Covenant teachings before Christ and what was new after Jesus’s ascension to heaven. The Holy Spirit coming was new, and the message was just now spreading through the missionary efforts of Paul and his cohorts.

What is the difference between a baptism of repentance (John’s baptism) and the baptism of the Holy Spirit? What happened when Paul told them about baptism in the name of Jesus? How did these early believers know that it was for real? Have you accepted Christ and been spiritually baptized where the Holy Spirit comes into you? If not, invite Christ to forgive you and cleanse you of sin. Acknowledge Jesus is the Savior and invite the Holy Spirit access to your life.

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