Go- Digging Deeper: November 22, 2021

Christ is seated on His throne. He is the acceptable offering to the Most High God in the Tabernacle not made with human hands. But His offering is a first fruit offering. We as the Church are the latter fruit. Are you an acceptable offering? This week we dig deeper into what makes an acceptable sacrifice to the Lord.

Read: Leviticus 6: 8-13; 2 Chronicles 7:1

Why did the Old Testament follower of God have to make a sacrifice? What is sin? What sorts of sinful practices are you tempted to do? What is the appropriate response to your sin? Is there anyone to whom you need to make restitution? What do you need to bring to your High Priest, Jesus Christ? Come to the Lord so that you are not guilty of anything. Thank God for His complete forgiveness in Christ.

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