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Growing in Christ- Digging Deeper: December 21, 2021

Read: Luke 1:26-38, 46-53

Mary was just a teen when God broke into her life through the visitor from heaven. Where did this happen? Where do you have to be to have God speak to you? Who was this angel? Throughout the Bible, this angel delivered prophetic utterances to Israel concerning God’s plan for them. How did the angel greet this girl? Process what that means. What was the pronouncement this day? Why was it impossible for Mary to give birth? How was this problem solved? Who was this child within her? Why is He different from other people? Understand that the DNA of Jesus is different from every other person. He is the only one to be conceived from God, not from the seed of a man as with every other person. What did Mary say in response to this incredible message? God will not visit any of us with such a message. But He may ask of us the impossible. What will your response be to Him? Why not personalize vs. 37-38, 46-53 for your life and His work through you.

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