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Growing in Christ- Digging Deeper: December 6, 2021

Advent is a word meaning to arrive or to come. We spend the month of December anticipating the coming of the Christ child and what it means to grow in Christ. This week we look at Bethlehem and the place we have to grow in Christ. Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus. What place in your life have you called home? How has that home impacted your ability to grow in Christ?

Read: Genesis 3

The early chapters of the Bible are filled with God’s blessing and mankind’s revolt. The ‘birthplace’ for Adam and Eve was in a Garden. How should that have impacted his growth toward God? What happened in chapter 3 after God had blessed Adam in the Garden? In 3:15, where does God counter man’s failure by offering a blessing? What is the seed eventually referring to? What happened to their ability to grow and mature? We do not always have an ideal home environment. But God can be found even in the worst places, bringing Light to your darkness. Today, thank Him for rescuing you from your dark home environment, or for allowing you to grow up in a home of spiritual light.

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