Growing in Christ- Digging Deeper: December 7, 2021

Read: Genesis 12:1-3; 13:14; 15:1-5; 17: 1-8; 18:13

The hope of a blessing and a promise has always been linked with God’s people. There is every indication that the blessing of Yahweh was not just immediate for Abraham, but would incorporate all generations. What did God promise to Abram? What were the qualifications for receiving this blessing? Why was it necessary that he leaves His ancestral home? (hint: his parents were moon worshippers). Did Abraham have a home base after that? In what way would the blessing be fulfilled? What was so miraculous about the beginning of this blessing and promise? What does God promising to turn Israel into a kingdom of priests have to do with the coming of Jesus? How does Jesus fulfill the blessing of the world? Thank God today for His plan from the foundation of the world to bless us with an everlasting King where we can have an everlasting home.

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