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Growing in Christ- Digging Deeper: December 9, 2021

2 Samuel 7; 1 Kings 2:4; Deuteronomy 17:18-20; Daniel 1:1-5

This chapter in 2 Samuel is a key moment in the history of Israel. How is the promise made to David a continuation of the promise made to his ancestor Abraham? Would anything break this promise to the Davidic line? Not all of the kings in David’s lineage followed God. Not all of them benefited from God’s blessing personally. In fact, the people of Israel lost their home and were eventually taken captive in Babylon. But with Jesus as the final fulfillment in this lineage, we see how David is ultimately blessed. You can do little to change what your ancestors did with their lives. In fact, you can do little to undo what immediate family members do when they walk away from the Lord. However, you can ask for God to spiritually cleanse you from past ancestral and family sin. But the promise remains today. Blessing is promised if you live for the Lord. And there is a promise to establish godliness in your future generations. Commit your life to holiness today.

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