Moving Forward- Digging Deeper: April 22, 2021

Read Psalm 69: 19-26. This is a prophetic psalm about the Messiah Jesus. How was Jesus left helpless? What did they offer Jesus to drink while on the cross? Was Judas blind and unable to see the truth? Given his political leanings, why was that true? Describe the betrayer according to vs. 24-26. Read Acts 1:18-28 What happened to Judas? Why is the field called “Akeldama.” It is important to understand that Judas was not condemned because he committed suicide. He was condemned because he betrayed an innocent man. Why is Judas not in the Book of Life? (vs. 27-28). Where is he? (Revelation 20:15) Today, be assured that if you have placed your faith in Christ, serving Him, your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life?