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Moving Forward- Digging Deeper: May 19, 2021

Matthew 5:1-47

The Sermon on the Mount is a lesson in godliness in the midst of a perverse and evil generation. What promise does God give about those who are persecuted (vs. 10-12)? What does that mean? What sort of reward is awaiting those who remain faithful, even when it is hard, even deadly? Beyond your reward, why is it important to others to remain faithful in the middle of persecution? What are we called to do around people who hate us? What sort of testimony are we to have? Look at your own life. What testimony do you have around those who make fun of you or persecute you because you are a Christian? Vs. 39-41 are extremely difficult verses to live out in our culture. Consider carefully what it is saying. How does it differ from our culture? Are you willing to be ‘counter cultural’ for the cause of Christ? Choose to be different in order to win others to Christ.

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