Moving Forward- Digging Deeper: May 24, 2021

The Lord opened the door for the Gospel to be offered to the Ethiopian government official. Philip was making a disciple. It seems odd but disciple-making can start even before a person comes to faith. Discipleship is a fearful word to some people. But a disciple is merely a follower of a person, who emulates their life. Christ wants to direct a person’s mind toward the things of God. The misconceptions about the word can be full of deep time commitments, memorization and getting hooked into a job at church from which one can never break free. After all, the twelve men whom Jesus chose to be his disciples all suffered and eventually died for following Jesus. Didn’t Jesus say that we are to take up our cross daily? This week we will dig deeper into the cost of following as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Luke 14:25-35

What is the cost of discipleship? Some of this sounds quite harsh. Theologians agree that we should not literally hate our family. Rather, we need to love the Lord even more than our love for family. What does that mean in your situation? What does it mean to love the Lord more than one's own life? What does this suggest about those who choose not to? What sort of cross is God asking you to carry on His behalf? Are you willing to forsake your own desires for the cause of Christ? Today sit down and measure the cost of being a disciple of His. What needs to change for Christ to be the Lord of all?

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